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Together We Can Be Better.

    Our September 11th meeting will be at 7:00 pm at the Puyallup Library. We will be having a special election to select a new State Committeeman, have a presentation on proposed changes to the 25th LD Democrats Bylaws, hear from candidates, and consider a resolution.

    Following Candidate Forums in June and July, the 25th LDD has endorsed:

  • John McCarthy Tacoma Port Commission, Position 1.
  • Dick Marzano Commisioner, Port of Tacoma, Pos. 2
  • Don Meyer Commisioner, Port of Tacoma, Position 4
  • Lisa McClellan Fife City Council, Position 6
  • Keanan Taute Puyallup City Council, District 2, Position 2.
  • Rebecca Gallogly Franklin Pierce School Board, Dist. 2
  • Antonio (Tono) Sablan Franklin Pierce School Board, Dist. 5
  • Nathaniel Downes Puyallup School Board, Position 1.

  • The Affordable Care Act still remains at risk. Call Dave Reichert's Issaquah Office at (425) 677-7414 or (877) 920-9208 to insist that he protect Washington State's 600,000 people covered by Medicaid expansion and more than 225,000 people that obtained insurance through the Exchange on Washington State's Exchange. Phone calls appear to be the most effective vehicle to express our positions because they consume office staff's time and patience.

    Read the Republican plan to cut Social Security. Even though Social Security can be made safe and sound forever by eliminating the cap and applying FICA to all income, the Republicans prefer to cut benefits and raise the retirement age. Read the Social Security Administration's report by the Chief Actuary.

    Applicants Abandon Effort To Build Gateway Pacific
    Coal Terminal at Cherry Point North of Bellingham

    Pacific International Holdings LLC has officially withdrawn [its applications for] the Gateway Pacific Terminal Permits. On February 7, 2017, Whatcom County Planning and Development Services (PDS) received a letter from Pacific International Holdings LLC (PIH) withdrawing the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal permit applications (MDP2011-00001, SHR2011-00009 and VAR2012-00002).

    Whatcom County has provided PIH acknowledgement of the withdrawal and has stopped the permit process for the above referenced permits.

    Economic Justice

    This video provides a compelling and stark comparison of (a) what people think the distribution of wealth is in the United States, (b) what they believe the distribution should be, and (c) what the distribution actually is.

    You Draw It: How Family Income Affects Childrens' College Chances.

    How likely is it for children who grow up in very poor families to go to college? How about children who grow up in very rich families? The New York Times gives you an opportunity to draw your estimate for every income level on a graph and then to compare your estimate to the actual experience of nearly 100,000 children born in the 80's.

    This next story, however, describes the difference family income can make in graduation rates.

    Affluent Students Have an Advantage and the Gap Is Widening.

    The gap in graduation rates, however, can be narrowed when Universities make an effort to improve graduation rates.

    The 25th LDD supports truly equal opportunity in education at all levels. Financial support is necessary but not sufficient. Vote for Legislators that care about all us. Together We Can Be Better.

    Affordable Health Care Insurance

    For free face-to-face help in understanding how to get insurance visit or call

  • Planned Parenthood, 702 30th Ave SW, Puyallup 98373 (800) 230-7526
  • or
  • Sea Mar Community Health Centers, 10217 125th St Court E, Puyallup 98374 (855) 289-4503
  • For free assistance from the state, call 1-855-WAFINDER (1-855-923-4633) TTY/TTD 1-855-627-9604

    To compare plans or to enroll on line visit the Washington Health Plan Finder.

Read the September 2017 FOCUS, the 25th LDD's On-Line Newsletter.

Read the September Meeting's Full agenda.

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